What I’ve been working with? Why is Glimesh part of that?

The past few months Where have I been creatively? Over the past few months, I’ve been focussing my time both on my business setting everything up and helping the amazing team behind Glimesh. If you go to my Instagram you can actually see me wear one of those shirts with their logo. I support what […]

Why is Branding of your livestream important?

When you go online to talk about your product, in most cases you will be using a logo on your posts or videos. But why not use it on your going live videos? When you go live, I want to not just see the person in front of me. I want to see more than […]

So much creative energy, and then..

I was so excited to start this week with a bang as every other week. And then, I hit the bed. I got hit with a lot of stomach pain I had not seen coming. It made me feel very ill. And even if I still am not feeling great, I still wanted to share […]

Should you buy an iPad for Procreate or other apps.

When being part of procreate / adobe groups, one thing I saw was that a lot of people don’t know if their iPad works with Procreate. If you need an answer go that question. I got some answers to that , plus a bunch more.

Why Livestreaming is important to show your business in these times 2020

Livestreaming has become more important now during this year of 2020. Since people can’t come to your business due to having to close it down by the rules, such as people in restaurants, or in the entertainment industry. So being visible has become way more important now than before. But how do we become more […]

Do you as a streamer need your own website?

Having a website as a streamer may seem very far away or something you are not thinking about right now. But I can tell you that having your own website might actually be very brave and personally a good thing to have. Why? Well, you can have all your social media accounts In one place, […]

Video games and virtual photography.

As a person who creates photo’s normally with their camera in a studio or outside, being inside locked in, makes you wonder if there are other ways to take photos. One way I’ve explored for many years is the world of Video games. Video games are a huge part of my life. I love diving […]

How I create animated overlays for streamer? [ Photoshop ]

A few months ago I was asked by the people over at GetWetSports, one of the partners of my website if I could create some GFX classes introducing people on how to create their own graphics or videos for their stream. One of the main topics was on how to create an overlay. In this […]

Fonts make or break

When it comes to designing, the font is very important. The good one, that is.  Without a good font, your design can fully fall apart and into the trash. But what is good design and what isn’t? That’s something you might be wondering day in day out. To start with. When designing something, keep the number […]

Guess what Guess what..

In one of my recent posts I shared an article on some of my journey heroes to get where I am now. And last week, the following video was published by Gareth David. Yep.. the guy I mentioned before who kept me going though some of the hard ships when I first started as a […]