Do you as a streamer need your own website?

Having a website as a streamer may seem very far away or something you are not thinking about right now. But I can tell you that having your own website might actually be very brave and personally a good thing to have. Why? Well, you can have all your social media accounts In one place, you can share your personal story, your numbers, and a blog post. And even have your stream on your website. 

Now let’s be serious, why is a website a benefit for anyone in a creative or content creation environment. In my eyes, it’s multiple things. Having a website to present yourself to the world can free yourself in the sense that when a business asks for your information, you can show them your professional website and show of exactly who you are. But you can also tell someone to check out your stream and just link only your stream. 


But what if you sell the example above. You sell merch. Do you order them online and send them from your own comfort of your home, maybe smart then to open your own store on your website, instead of having to search the internet for it or let it be sold by another company and you then lose part of the money you earn. I know of a few websites that take 5/10 % of your purchase. Now, who wants that?

But what if like me, you design the emotes above, and you are stuck because you can only do it with Paypal. Here is where Woocommerce comes in. A plugin that you can install on your website in just a few mouse clicks which will then give you a whole shop for you to work in. Very simple right. If you look above in the menu bar, that’s actually a shop done with Woocommerce as well. 

The above is an example of that. My own store item

But okay, I get it.. You want a website, maybe you want it made by me. But the pricetag of 300 is a little too much, or even the 450 deal with webshop. Well here’s the deal.  For you as a streamer I’m giving you a special Black Friday deal next month! If you order your own website  with me before the 27th of November. at midnight, you get your website for 99 dollars. But, that’s without the hosting. That’s all of what you need to get done yourself, but for the 99 dollars you get an entire website done with what you need for your brand. How does that sound?

  • Only applies to the recently ordered website starting Oktober 22th and lasts until November 27th. DM for details. With too complex websites a small fee may be applied depending on if plugins need to be ordered or not. These are not included.

How I create animated overlays for streamer? [ Photoshop ]

A few months ago I was asked by the people over at GetWetSports, one of the partners of my website if I could create some GFX classes introducing people on how to create their own graphics or videos for their stream. One of the main topics was on how to create an overlay. In this article, I’ll explain more of my thought progress and show you the videos on how I made the animation effect.

For animating you don’t need more than simple Photoshop. A few years ago you did, but ever since Photoshop added the Timeline feature things like animation can be done within the program itself. An example of this is the creation of making small videos even within it. I personally only use it for small animations. A recent overlay created for Xinksly  was done within Photoshop using the timeline feature. 

To create the blicking effect and add the smoke I worked with layers. Each layer is a layer in the Timeline. So if you want to create multiple colors for the effect, the best way to do this is to change the text / icon color with a new one. To quickly do this is to double click on the layer to enter the effects panel. Here you will find the option to add several different things. The options I used in this example / banner above is the option to do colors and gradients. The little icons for that I used the color overlay. If you want the icons, you can download my product which contain all the different types of icons in different styles. 

Also if your interested in the color gradient. I used the light and dark variations of it from my own gradient pack

Now how do you set your layers in the timeline? 


Of course these two screenshots don’t show you everything. So if you prefer a more in dept look. Check out my video below or read my e-book on how I create overlays

See you in the next blog! 

— JustSimy

Fonts make or break

When it comes to designing, the font is very important. The good one, that is.  Without a good font, your design can fully fall apart and into the trash. But what is good design and what isn’t? That’s something you might be wondering day in day out.

To start with. When designing something, keep the number of fonts to a minimum. Not more than 3 fonts on a page, is something I always keep in mind when I look at a page that needs to be designed. Especially for a flyer or poster. Because that was the critique I always got was that It was never good enough on the fonts.

Over time I learned and learned what is good, what does fit, and how that would come across. Some of my favorites are:

  • Futura
  • Helvetica
  • Akzidenz-Grotesk
  • Clarendon
  • Gill Sans
  • Verdana
  • Uni Sans
  • Open Sans ( Web )

I always check to see if these fit within my work.  Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t.

But what makes a good Font? Because even though they can look vastly different from each other, the best typefaces have a lot of the same things in common:

  • Even kerning
  • Consistency
  • Balance
  • Legibility

What is kerning?

Kerning is the space between two characters. Too little space and the font is unreadable because the letters are smushed together. Too much space, and it’s hard to tell whether the space is meant to separate letters or words.

What is consistency?

Consistency means all the letters, numbers, and any other characters used to maintain the same look. If a font’s letter “A” has serifs, we expect its B to have serifs too, and so on from there.

What is a balanced font?

A balanced blend of thick and thin, heavy and light, is an important component of a good font.

What’re legible fonts?

And lastly, a font must be legible. A font you can’t read is like an image that’s so busy you can’t tell what it’s supposed to be a picture of. Always check by writing a variety of words in the fonts, making sure you use every letter and a bunch of different letter combinations. Scale it up, then scale it down to see if there’s a size at which it becomes difficult to read.  Make test texts. see if it works with reading. For this reason, I write out fake texts.

This is what is usually used, Lorum Ipsum

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Can you make your own fonts?

You can for sure. But I would rather use it for small things like your own quotes or for a logo if you want it. In this video below I made my own fonts using IFontMaker on my iPad.


I hope this article helped you think about fonts and are you going to create your own? If so, please send me a tweet and show your own made font.

Ps. the below font is home made.

Guess what Guess what..

In one of my recent posts I shared an article on some of my journey heroes to get where I am now. And last week, the following video was published by Gareth David. Yep.. the guy I mentioned before who kept me going though some of the hard ships when I first started as a designer. He shared my question. How to overcome a creative block. As some may of seen I’ve been creatively locked up. A lot was on my mind as in, worries, restless and just having no idea anymore where to start. So I asked him what he thinks when he said he was allowing people to answer questions. This is his answer to my question

And yes I agree with what he mentioned. Also the drawing is super cute. 


I was overworking myself.. I wasn’t focused on research anymore. I was just worried and felt the need to push new stuff out without actually looking around if I needed to do them. I was blocking myself with that and even had to take a day off. Working 75 hours a day can crush you. Not taking the weekend off and just constantly thinking about how do I improve my content, how can I improve on what I do. 

The second part he wrote down was another one I was for sure struggling with. I was out of ideas. If no one likes what I post up on my website now and have around as products. What will they like and what can I improve. I spend days, hours just reading, watching videos and thinking, how can I improve. 

But Gareth was right.When he wrote that a good design has a meaning I kept thinking to myself.. how do I create a meaning, how do I create more valuable content, how do I keep people come back to my website. For this, and to buff my SEO I created my review of video games page. I love playing video games in my spare time. Creating and writing articles that can help fellow gamers will help me express myself. An example These two photo’s below were made as virtual photography images. 


These photo’s were both made in the two DLCs of Control. A game as you guys know that I adore and love. I took these during both games main campaign and side missions of both The Foundation and AWE ( Alan Wake DLC  / Altered World Events ) Both with the focus on light. Light from a gun, light from a lamp. Light from the surroundings. 

How did this get me back into the design flow?

From being blocked to being inspired came when I went to my site and looked at the many people who had read the article itself. Dang. That was what I wanted to see and it happened. Many of you loved seeing this, seeing the shots and read the article. It was a new drive that I found and a new focus I want to keep continuing. And I don’t hold back! I still create, I still design, I still think of a better poster I can create with what I make. And this is my most recent one. 99% minus the logo, made form virtual photography 

Conclusion after watching Gareth his video and reading this article he wrote with it.

  • I need to accept that I’m stuck.
  • Need to think about what I love to do and do that for a while to get my creative juice back.
  • Do research. Look at how others tackle this issue.
  • And learn more. Learn on how I can enhance what I already do, find back my passion and beat the creative blocks ass. 

What I wanted to achieve was to gain back my main passion. And I found it.

Thank you everyone. I hope this article inspires you! Now back to designing and writing. Follow your passion! Remember that!



Simone Van Galen

A little Update from me

Hey Everyone,

JustSimy here.  It’s been a while since I posted on here. But I decided I should come back and talk about what I’ve been up to. Over the last few days  I really got into creating more art. Been working on a fanaat of Control this week which was insane as I posted it and got RTed by the devs. Which is an amazing feeling. Other then that been making some other types of art and been working on video’s. Making new tutorials which can be found on my Youtube channel.

Below are more of my Redbubble art works.

And this is the artwork that I made for Control

and this is the tweet:

I love the game Control As you can see. Soon I will add an extra Twitter account with all of my Virtual Photography Shots.




Naast het werk als grafisch designer doe ik ook hier en daar aan kunst. Ik maak vele soorten designs die geïnspireerd zijn op onder ander games, muziek en meer.  Om een goed voorbeeld te geven staan er nu 2 online. 2 designs waar ik met hard en ziel aan gewerkt heb.

Mijn plan is om dit over tijd uit te breiden. Meer designs. meer fanart en meer kunst. Ook voeg ik werk toe die al gemaakt was voor oudere projecten en wil ik dit met dit idee een boost geven.


Hier een paar voorbeelden wat er nu staat op Redbubble:


Beside my work as a graphic designer I also love exploring the world of art. I create all sorts of art / designs. Mainly inspired by video games music or other topics.  To give a good example I got two designs up for grabs now on Redbubble. Worked on these two designs with my heart and soul.

My plan is to expand this. Create more designs, more fanart and more art itself. I’ll also add some of my previous work in that I made a year ago during my study to share with you guys.

You never know what’s hiding in the universe : link


Jesse Faden – Control : link


Ander werk voor je portfolio / other work for my portfolio


When you first jump into the world of design as a person you will walk against many walls. Walls which you may need to break. To break them you need to learn. Learn how to break them. Learn how to create / research and send out the work correctly.. And if you need help with that I’m here for it. Helping is what I’m good at. It’s what I do each and every day.

Here are some of the resources I used when I first get started in my line of work:

When I was stuck on creating characters for a project I would always look at the work of Jazza ( Joshua Brooks ). One of the first videos I watched of his was the following video:

I loved the way he spoke on the video and how it was explained on how he worked that I get inspired to work like that as well.

Another person who inspired me was Gareth David. His course on Graphic design taught me about sketches, design, and just some extra tools while I had just started my journey as a graphic designer. This is not the first video I started with. The first one was about Illustrator. But it is one which I used as a inspiration later on to start my own courses and everything else.


New Look, New text, new site, new language

News information


Two languages now go hand in hand on my website. Dutch ( native speaker ) and English ( B2 / C1 level English ) go hand in hand now to show you the power of my portfolio.

The site also got replaced to a new and faster host platform and is quicker than ever. With new tools, new images and new logo, my portfolio shines new things. Also included is new branding work, new examples and new sketches as well as video work.

Enjoy this new part of my journey as a graphic designer.


Twee talen gaan nu hand in hand op mijn website. Nederlands ( Voertaal ) en Engels ( B2/C1 Niveau  Engels ) gaan hand in hand om de kracht te laten zien van mijn portfolio.

De site is overgeplaatst naar een nieuwe en snellere hosting platform. Met nieuwe gereedschappen, nieuwe afbeeldingen ( banners ) en een nieuw logo, mijn portfolio ziet er weer als nieuw uit. Ook toegevoegd is nieuw huisstijl werk dat ik heb gemaakt en nieuwe schetsen en voorbeelden en ook nieuw video werk.

Veel plezier in deze nieuwe kant van mijn avontuur als grafisch designer.