A few months ago I was asked by the people over at GetWetSports, one of the partners of my website if I could create some GFX classes introducing people on how to create their own graphics or videos for their stream. One of the main topics was on how to create an overlay. In this article, I’ll explain more of my thought progress and show you the videos on how I made the animation effect.

For animating you don’t need more than simple Photoshop. A few years ago you did, but ever since Photoshop added the Timeline feature things like animation can be done within the program itself. An example of this is the creation of making small videos even within it. I personally only use it for small animations. A recent overlay created for Xinksly  was done within Photoshop using the timeline feature. 

To create the blicking effect and add the smoke I worked with layers. Each layer is a layer in the Timeline. So if you want to create multiple colors for the effect, the best way to do this is to change the text / icon color with a new one. To quickly do this is to double click on the layer to enter the effects panel. Here you will find the option to add several different things. The options I used in this example / banner above is the option to do colors and gradients. The little icons for that I used the color overlay. If you want the icons, you can download my product which contain all the different types of icons in different styles. 

Also if your interested in the color gradient. I used the light and dark variations of it from my own gradient pack

Now how do you set your layers in the timeline? 


Of course these two screenshots don’t show you everything. So if you prefer a more in dept look. Check out my video below or read my e-book on how I create overlays

See you in the next blog! 

— JustSimy

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