Campaigns and work I've done

I keep thinking, how can I show the best part of me and show who I truly am and I feel like these works will show just that.

Timeless ( 2016 - 2018 )

In 2017 I was the owner of a fansite for a TV show called Timeless. I ran my account dedicated to the show and spoke about it a lot and built a community around me. As the creator Eric Kripke tweeted that the show was on the brink of being canceled, I stood up and told the community we had to come together. I designed images using assets from the show to create promotional fanart. At one point I through around the idea of a fan video for Timeless. This eventually became what I would call The Timeless Campaign or (#RenewTimeless). Within weeks the media picked up on our efforts, and later on my video ended up being showcased by Sony at SDCC.

When Season 2 ended it became time to rally for a Season 3. We never got one, but we did get a movie. And it was all worth it.

Marvel's Runaways ( 2017 - 2019 )

I’ve been a fansite owner for quite some time. From Timeless in the past to two fansites I still own. Marvel’s Runways is one of them. Even if it  over time sadly ended. They still hold a community I regularly check In with as well as the producer / actors and writers. The community is still active.  From time to time I check in on them if they are doing alright. I designed a lot of graphics for the show myself and got recognised for it by the people who ran the official accounts plenty of times. Posts got even retweeted or tweeted by the actors and that’s when I felt and knew I had to start focussing art more on the passions that I love, social media  and community building.

Social media links

Fansite achievements:
Personal message I received to send out to the fans for release of season 2
Fanvideo I made which got a lot of attention from fans

Personal project / Fansite for Annie Wersching:
Fanvideo I made of Actress Annie Wersching + Fansite + baby box I send her. 
Instagram message with work posted by Annie
Picture collection posted with credit ( she did many of these on her official Insta )

Control ( 2019 - ---- )

In 2019 I began to really find my way back into Virtual Photography. I always had a passion for it but due to the year at the Breitner Academie I never got the time to focus on my passion for video games as much as I did. Even if I spend days if not hours just reading books about game art and spend time designing art, I never had the full time to spend hours on games like I normally did. Then Control happened and my passion flew in. Biggest accomplishment the past year was getting recognized for my virtual Photography and have that be tweeted out several times and have that published on their website. It made me realise my passion for Virtual photography had never gone away.  And so I began to go back into the games and began to design fanart again. 

Links to the Control Website”

Another tweet
Another tweet
Part of a Gif
Replied and retweeted by Control
Retweeted by Control


In this year 2020 I decided to grow and show more of my passion for games. I attended more game dev events online to hear all about video games and how they were made. I played more with Blender. Did more with Adobe After Effects. Spend more hours on Photoshop. Made more work on Illustrator. Made more posters. And, began my journey further into creating assets for streamers and streaming services. More then I did before. 

From Fanart to Gamereviews about some of my favorite games.

Gamereviews / Virtual Photography   / Fanart

Video games made 2020 the best year.

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