Video editing

Let your edits be done by me

You streamed for over 10 hours, your absolutely dead tired. No time to get behind your PC and do edits. Well here’s the trick for it. I can help you with these types of edits and do them for you,

SynthSong is a showcase of how I used my own song in combination with the beat of the wavelength. This was created in Adobe After Effects in combination with Adobe Photoshop and meant to showcase how easy and simple a small effect can have on the overal look of the music.

This video was created in Adobe Premiere Pro. It’s meant as an instructional video to explain to people how to create their own markdown layouts. Other programs used were iShowU Instant and my Blue Microphone. The voice that can be heard is my own voice. The video is part of the support site as well as a written tutorial form as well.

The above tutorial was created for Pixelversity which is my own videotutorial website. Here I publish all of my own tutorials I create for the community of creators. The concept was, keep it simple but instructive.

I added this video to showcase some of my other talents. Music and editing combined. Time Is about loosing time as you work on creative projects. It was created as part of my study in art. 

Create Art, Design graphics.

Creating an experience, creating something personal, creating what you dream of.