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Wat vinden mijn klanten / What my customers say?

Wat vinden mijn klanten/ Ratings by customers
JustSimy has been working with us not only on beautifully creative designs but also doing the difficult work of cleaning up logo graphics that are turned into us by our merchandise store owners. She is extremely quick and competent and we highly recommend her to anyone looking for any kind of design work, creative designs or restoration work!
I think the 2 things that stand out the most for me were firstly, Simy’s up front approach when talking about the requirements and expectations for a project. She’s professional and to the point but also courteous and patient. Secondly, I found her to be very approachable, so I never felt uncomfortable asking any questions about anything I was unfamiliar with. While other creative designers would have comparable knowledge in their field, I feel Simy is best at taking her skills and experience, and communicating it in a way that is easy to understand for someone who doesn’t share that same level of knowledge in the field. If you are looking to start any creative projects, would highly recommend reaching out to Simy. In my opinion, you would have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
We are absolutely in love work done for us by Simy. More important than the work was the fact how respectful she was throughout the process. She took several ideas and continued to work through our needs and ideas while putting her own creative spin on it. The end result was fantastic and we would absolutely use her again.
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