Creating your own website

Why should you get your own website?

Websites are essential for everyone who wishes to create a brand for themselves that stands out and wishes to tell others what they do in life. Especially when you’re a startup or an e-sport org or as a content creator.

Why websites are important

The process

When someone asks me to design their website I always start of with first getting all the information I need to start the design. Ask these questions:

  • What kind of website are you looking for? Does it require a Webshop or just a blog?
  • Do you have a branding? 
  • Are their any graphics you can provide or do these need to be made ( such as the header ( top photo ) or jdo you provide the stock images.
  • Is it a personal website or a website made for your business?
  • Do you have any experience in WordPress? or in coding?

These questions give me the line to create the website you are interested in.


When I begin I always start of with sketching out ideas for what the website will look like. Give some ideas out for the client. In case a client has some specific needs I also need to make a calculation on if Elementor will be needed for some of the design elements so if from the design process I find out that Elementor is indeed needed I will inform you of that. 

The XD process

When this has been done I begin to design a layout that works within Adobe XD. Adobe XD is a simple program that lets you create a visual design of your website, a prototype. which can be viewed by you, the client.

The example on the left was for a client who was stuck on an idea and I decided to visualize his idea. 

The Final Stage

When the Design is finished it’s time to build the website. First on the to do list is uploading the website via Filezilla and download the latest version of WordPress. Then install WordPress and begin to add the pages / menu / sidebar/ and text provided by the client. 

The client then gets to see if that’s all right and then it’s time to install the Theme.

Both examples on the right are two different projects / clients I worked for.

Portfolio work

Create Art, Design graphics.

Creating an experience, creating something personal, creating what you dream of.