Welcome to JustSimy.com

When people get in contact with me they always ask, who are you and what can you do for me? I always respond with, What can I do? and who am I? I’m JustSimy / Simone. A Graphic designer / video editor and teacher and tool creator. Been active like that for many many years. Specially as a graphic designer for many people on social media and always loved that craft as well as art. And now I wanted to spread my wings and be me.

Below is a small bit from my portfolio. 


But why me? Why would you choose JustSimy?

Fast and personal

Fast and personal, that’s how we will look at your personal wishes, so tat within a short period of time we will have an excellent view on what you wish for,

What are you looking for?

If it’s just a new logo, or a new banner for social media, your twitch account because you’re a game or a new emote or maybe something for your Facebook. Everything possible. Ask for an offer admin@justsimy.com

The steps

  1. Contact me
  2. Talk to me and I will send you the first sketches that come to mind.
  3. You receive what you asked for and get time to decide on t.
  4. You receive the final product.

Reasons why we should do business.

Personal contact.

Because I’m the only person working at this company I’ll be the first person you get to talk to. I will show you via low res screenshots what I’m working on. 


Need something fast? I’m already available now so just send me an email and I will reply within a few days. Another date? We can talk about that too.

Thinking with you

Imagine you got the perfect idea for your product, but I seem to think maybe something else will work best. I’ll be talking to you about your product and give you the best advice on it.

Tot snel! See you soon! Nähdään pian! À bientôt! Bis bald! Te veo pronto! Sien jou binnekort!