Hello, I'm JustSimy

A Freelance
Web and Social media Designer.

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From creating simple logo’s till creating a difficult website or social media post, creating what makes you happy is the most important part of all. 

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Going live might be scary! But I can help you setup the perfect stream!



For every streamer who streams on Twitch/ Glimesh or Behance. JustSimy offers a full complete branding package as well as instructions on setting up your livestream

Service agents

For a small business owner with a shop, this will be useful. Having a live stream can be very useful.


If you own a band but miss going live on stage, setting up a professional-looking stream can just make that little difference.


As a teacher, being online has become such an important part of every class. With my service, I can make sure your classes are even more engaging.


Creating a memorable live-stream is something we need, and JustSimy can help to build that with my own music
( DMCA free ).

My service

Are you a business owner looking to build a brand and create more engaging content to your end user? Maybe a streamer on Twitch who needs some livestream graphics? Below you can find a list of all my services to help you build your business. If there isn’t something you see specifically what you are looking for please reach out so we can talk about the specific service you are looking for.

Create engaging graphics

Create the graphics you wish to see and use to grab more clients your way.

Personal time

I make sure when I create the graphics you dream of that I spend my time explaining to you how to work with them and how to use them.


Need something fast? I’m available right now so just send me an email and I will reply within a few hours.

Steps to your products

1.Contact me
2.Talk to me and I will send you the first sketches that come to mind.
3.You receive what you asked for and get time to decide on it.
4.You receive the final product.

Knowledge is everything

My Skills.


web design

Creating impactful websites with a personal touch. Let your business website speak for you.


Social Media

Creating images to blow you away and your audience and get them to buy or read your text. ( Twitch / Instagram / Youtube / Facebook / Twitter / Glimesh )



Creating art, typography posters, anything which inspires you to do more with art.


virtual photography

Ever been in a video game and think, OMG I want to do that! To create stunning graphics for video games, I take virtual photography photo’s in video games.

something to say

get inspired by my Blog.

Should you buy an iPad for Procreate or other apps.

When being part of procreate / adobe groups, one thing I saw was that a lot of people don’t know if their iPad works with Procreate. If you need an answer go that question. I got some answers to that , plus a bunch more.

Create Art, Design graphics.

Creating an experience, creating something personal, creating what you dream of.