Hello, I'm JustSimy

A Freelance
Web and Social media Designer.

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Branding for streamers

From creating simple logo’s till creating a difficult website or social media post, creating what makes you happy is the most important part of all. 

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Streamer package

Going live might be scary! But I can help you setup the perfect stream!

it's a red button that says just sims just went live besides it

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Editing your work to match what you do can be daunting. But what if I can take that work out of your hands. 

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Creating personalized music for your live- stream/youtube video and more. 

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Alerts / sounds

Creating personalized music for your live- stream/youtube video and more. 

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Badges / Panels

Creating that personal power of images to create a look to your stream when people scroll down and see your donate button and more.. 

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Creating a transition that will blow your mind by the effects that if brings to your stream.

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Why you should work with me?

Are you a business owner looking to build a brand and create more engaging content to your end user? Maybe a streamer on Twitch who needs some livestream graphics? Or a business owner looking for personal music, or a business looking to build his brand. Below you can find a list of all my services to help you build your business. If there isn’t something you see specifically what you are looking for please reach out so we can talk about the specific service you are looking for.

Create engaging products

I'll make sure we create the graphics / music or video's you need to get your content out there and blow everyone away and that you wish to see and use to grab more clients your way.

Personal time

I make sure when I create the graphics you dream of that I spend my time explaining to you how to work with them and how to use them.


Need something fast? I’m available right now so just send me an email and I will reply within a few hours.

Knowledge is everything

My Skills.



Creating images to blow you away and your audience and get them to buy or read your text. ( Twitch / Instagram / Youtube / Facebook / Twitter / Glimesh )


Video editing

Creating videos that will blow away the audience who watches your content by the special effects and the way the video has been edited. 



When you go live, your stream should look professional and on and on great. I may be able to help with that. 



Writing music, producing music. It all comes together as one. Music makes you feel things, hungry for something new. 

something to say

get inspired by my Blog.

Create Art, Design graphics.

Creating an experience, creating something personal, creating what you dream of.