In one of my recent posts I shared an article on some of my journey heroes to get where I am now. And last week, the following video was published by Gareth David. Yep.. the guy I mentioned before who kept me going though some of the hard ships when I first started as a designer. He shared my question. How to overcome a creative block. As some may of seen I’ve been creatively locked up. A lot was on my mind as in, worries, restless and just having no idea anymore where to start. So I asked him what he thinks when he said he was allowing people to answer questions. This is his answer to my question

And yes I agree with what he mentioned. Also the drawing is super cute. 


I was overworking myself.. I wasn’t focused on research anymore. I was just worried and felt the need to push new stuff out without actually looking around if I needed to do them. I was blocking myself with that and even had to take a day off. Working 75 hours a day can crush you. Not taking the weekend off and just constantly thinking about how do I improve my content, how can I improve on what I do. 

The second part he wrote down was another one I was for sure struggling with. I was out of ideas. If no one likes what I post up on my website now and have around as products. What will they like and what can I improve. I spend days, hours just reading, watching videos and thinking, how can I improve. 

But Gareth was right.When he wrote that a good design has a meaning I kept thinking to myself.. how do I create a meaning, how do I create more valuable content, how do I keep people come back to my website. For this, and to buff my SEO I created my review of video games page. I love playing video games in my spare time. Creating and writing articles that can help fellow gamers will help me express myself. An example These two photo’s below were made as virtual photography images. 


These photo’s were both made in the two DLCs of Control. A game as you guys know that I adore and love. I took these during both games main campaign and side missions of both The Foundation and AWE ( Alan Wake DLC  / Altered World Events ) Both with the focus on light. Light from a gun, light from a lamp. Light from the surroundings. 

How did this get me back into the design flow?

From being blocked to being inspired came when I went to my site and looked at the many people who had read the article itself. Dang. That was what I wanted to see and it happened. Many of you loved seeing this, seeing the shots and read the article. It was a new drive that I found and a new focus I want to keep continuing. And I don’t hold back! I still create, I still design, I still think of a better poster I can create with what I make. And this is my most recent one. 99% minus the logo, made form virtual photography 

Conclusion after watching Gareth his video and reading this article he wrote with it.

  • I need to accept that I’m stuck.
  • Need to think about what I love to do and do that for a while to get my creative juice back.
  • Do research. Look at how others tackle this issue.
  • And learn more. Learn on how I can enhance what I already do, find back my passion and beat the creative blocks ass. 

What I wanted to achieve was to gain back my main passion. And I found it.

Thank you everyone. I hope this article inspires you! Now back to designing and writing. Follow your passion! Remember that!



Simone Van Galen

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