Having a website as a streamer may seem very far away or something you are not thinking about right now. But I can tell you that having your own website might actually be very brave and personally a good thing to have. Why? Well, you can have all your social media accounts In one place, you can share your personal story, your numbers, and a blog post. And even have your stream on your website. 

Now let’s be serious, why is a website a benefit for anyone in a creative or content creation environment. In my eyes, it’s multiple things. Having a website to present yourself to the world can free yourself in the sense that when a business asks for your information, you can show them your professional website and show of exactly who you are. But you can also tell someone to check out your stream and just link only your stream. 


But what if you sell the example above. You sell merch. Do you order them online and send them from your own comfort of your home, maybe smart then to open your own store on your website, instead of having to search the internet for it or let it be sold by another company and you then lose part of the money you earn. I know of a few websites that take 5/10 % of your purchase. Now, who wants that?

But what if like me, you design the emotes above, and you are stuck because you can only do it with Paypal. Here is where Woocommerce comes in. A plugin that you can install on your website in just a few mouse clicks which will then give you a whole shop for you to work in. Very simple right. If you look above in the menu bar, that’s actually a shop done with Woocommerce as well. 

The above is an example of that. My own store item

But okay, I get it.. You want a website, maybe you want it made by me. But the pricetag of 300 is a little too much, or even the 450 deal with webshop. Well here’s the deal.  For you as a streamer I’m giving you a special Black Friday deal next month! If you order your own website  with me before the 27th of November. at midnight, you get your website for 99 dollars. But, that’s without the hosting. That’s all of what you need to get done yourself, but for the 99 dollars you get an entire website done with what you need for your brand. How does that sound?

  • Only applies to the recently ordered website starting Oktober 22th and lasts until November 27th. DM for details. With too complex websites a small fee may be applied depending on if plugins need to be ordered or not. These are not included.

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