As a person who creates photo’s normally with their camera in a studio or outside, being inside locked in, makes you wonder if there are other ways to take photos. One way I’ve explored for many years is the world of Video games. Video games are a huge part of my life. I love diving into the wonderful world of a video game and explore the environment. So after dabbling in it for a few years, I wanted to expland it and began to really take photo’s of the environment of video games and dive deep into these stories of the games that I love. And there it was, there it began, my passion evolved. I’m now someone who does this for 30 minutes to an hour on my down time. Because in the end it is a hobby. But a special one as this pure innocent thing connected me to game devs, creators and a whole new world to explore. What happens next? We shall see.. But will be here and i will create those new worlds for you.

Want to see some of it? Visit and click video games.




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