When you go online to talk about your product, in most cases you will be using a logo on your posts or videos. But why not use it on your going live videos?

When you go live, I want to not just see the person in front of me. I want to see more than just that. I want to see what you’re working on, Get a glimpse into your life and get inspired to come back and observe that. I may be more intrigued into listening to you. This comes from being In the streamer world and watching someone not just answer questions but also showing some of the process. Now of course that’s not something that fits with every brand out there. But it may just give you that more personal look.

So how can one achieve this?

  1. Use one of my templates which you can download for free on my website by signing on for my mailing list or by sharing this post.
  2. Using OBS for the livestream instead of just going live. By using OBS you can basically upload a PNG image and use that to overlay your stream.
  3. Use your Laptop and your Phone as camera. This will enhance it. By downloading the EpocCam Pro you get your phone to be a camera input. ( it’s seen as a camera )
  4. Add it as a source.
  5. Add the template as a source
  6. Add your logo.
  7. Put in the stream URL – Add the streamkey
  8. Go live

Keep checking if people are reacting on Facebook or which ever platform you choose. When people react it’s important to react as soon as possible to keep them interested in your content.

Now, OBS has an extra option. You can actually press Record Stream. This means that if you record anything important you can always put your content out to more and other platforms just as easy. Only thing you may have to do is edit your content. This of course takes the most time. Editing content can take a long time. For those who are reading this and that are Dutch, I uploaded the first lesson on my website for pixelversity. 

That;s right. Aside from releasing this pack of Livestream sets for you to become a professional streamer / livestreamer / webinaire creator. You can also learn how to do these things by signing up for PixelVersity very soon. As of right now it’s still a one setup purchase that needs to be done in order to use it. But, in the future it will be subscription based.

For now, you can check out the site and let me know if it works. A lot of content is planned to be added this week. A lot of videos will be done. 

A small update on what i’ve been working on. I send out a letter to one of my fav game studios. And it felt amazing doing that. I adore, no adooooooore Guerilla. It’s an incredible game company and I specially adore their line that they posted on their Linkedin which relates to my own business, ” Be yourself  and be extraordinary ” And I agree with that.

Thank you so much for reading this weeks update. Let me know if you’re interested in my PixelVersity project.


See you next time!

( PS. My boomarm arrived today which means I can record more videos where I paint and do livestreams of me painting or creating Procreate or Adobe Photoshop on iPad art )

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