Creating e-books / e-learning and workshops.

Creating materials the best way possible

Ever started a project and think, how? When I work on my E-books / E-learning / Workshops I always think about the customer first. What does someone want from what i’m creating? What does someone need from my creation? Does it need to be quick? Simple? Easy?  What purpose is needed for learning? Is there a specific rule? By informing and interviewing we get to the answers we need. This whole page is a reflection of the work i’ve done so far, the work I want to do and the work I plan on doing. Enjoy this! 

I always start with a list of things that for 100% need to be included by looking at the Didactics circle and Pedagogoy methods of learning per group or per client.

Example: The client wants a Workshop that not only explains what New Media is but also goes deeper into the understanding and how to use certain tools.  

Next to this is a list of what I would include and how I would write that down.

the rules on how to learn

From this I begin to create the plan I need to develop my e-learnings and workshops. I look at those two to determine by the info I was given which strategy works. For example when I teach teachers my main focus to show as many examples as possible as well as show them how something works as well. And I want to tell them what it’s about.


From this I begin to create the plan I need to develop my e-learnings and workshops. I look at those two to determine by the info I was given which strategy works. For example when I teach teachers my main focus to show as many examples as possible as well as show them how something works. Those two are the main objectives for me to hunt for. Then as it comes to young adults my main focus is for them to  inspire as well as encourage to think differently about what they create and willing to make mistakes. When I create my own e-learnings my main goal is short but sweet explanations by showing / creating small videos or images to make the point come across.


One of the important rules is, what do you learn from it and what is the impact of learning it. A lot of times when I myself watch e-learnings I feel the need to look up images to get a more clear view of what is meant. In Designing and creating these e-learnings we need to keep in mind the target audience our work is for. 


As I design i always begin with a sketch like below. Is there a brand-book I always start with looking at those too. With that in mind I sketch out several different ideas. If it’s a personal series for videos I always begin with sketching and writing down the ideas for the series and write down all the titles for each video. I also write down what each section should cover in terms of tools or speaking. 

From the sketching and research stage I go into the prototype stage. In this stage I lay down all the sketches i’ve made and actually put them into XD to see if it all looks and works as I had sketched out. If i’m not happy with the results I go and change it to a better layout. The perk of using XD for this is to quicky see it in an overview. It’s just quicker then going into Captivate / InDesign or in Powerpoint or Keynote. But yes it will then take time to put it on there. But the time it took to create it is worth it in the end if there isn’t much work left to do and it works.

In the next stage it’s time to get things together and really dig deep. Opening the programs now and put it inside them. From doing this you can see the results of what it looks like if you went from that initial sketch stage to this new phase.  This stage is the one where you get the final results of all the hard work done. Is it working?  

When I do this whole project by myself I always send things off to a friend as well to see if it’s all working out the way I want it and if they feel it will work out. If they say something isn’t working then I go in and check that out what isn’t working and adjust it. For clients I do the same of course but also let them extra check to see if everything is how they wanted it.  When they give the approval we move onto the definitive phase

The final result is a presentation that I can give to the teachers in this case. Click the image to see the result of one of the courses.


For Yeppe i’ve edited / changed several e-learning programs to fit the needs of my students. Here below is an example of one i’ve edited to fit their needs.

The Yeppe presentation was changed to fit the needs of my students by changing the subject slightly and adding more related information.

The presentations so far have all been changed by adding small solutions for students who need a bit more help when it comes to personal learning goals and learning itself.

This link brings you to the file to see the presentation.In PDF form due to uploading to a website.

The video process

When it comes to making videos the process is pretty much the exact same. You start of with ideas – sketch – UI design – XD – final video recording in iShowUInstant and final development in Adobe After Effects and Premiere. Sometimes special music is created for the video series. This would then be done in Ableron Live or in Garageband for something quick and easy.

Below are some examples of videos I worked on with a bit of explanation on the how it came to be.

This video is all about creating a simple starting soon for a persons stream with minimal tools.

This video is all about creating a snowglobe using an iPad and Illustrator for iPad.

This video is all about how to use Adobe Rush which can be used on the iPad and iPhone to edit videos as well as PC/Mac

This is a video on how to create lightning in Photoshop in a few quick steps.

This video was kind of a quick joke on how to create a logo for Green Lantern requested by a personal friend of mine.

This video is all about applying makeup. Now a days I do this on a different method as back then. This video is several years old but shows progress in editing.

This video was all about how to manipulate a photo. This was requested by many Vampire Diaries RPG accounts.

This video was created to show the progress of making a gif back in the day. 

This video is all about how to use Particle Ilusion in Sony Vegas at the time. This video is more then 10 years old.

This video is a recent video about how to use Clip Studio Paint as requested by several artists.

This video was for a streaming service who asked me to create a video series on how to use their website / service. 

This video was all about the colorwheel as a lot of people requested to me how to use this tool.

This is a pretty recent video on how to use gradients in Adobe Illustrator on the iPad.

This video explains how to use several methods for the gradient tool. This video was recorded live on stream. 

Recently someone asked me how to do a fade in / fade out in Photoshop so I created a super simple quick tip.

This video was a quick tip for Glimesh on how to switch to lightmode.

This was my personal course on how to use Adobe Premiere Pro.

This video was made for GetWet University to create a video series on how Graphic Design works. This one talks about several terms in Graphic Design.

Thus video was all about using Text effects in  Adobe Illustrator created for GetWet

This video was all about the basics of Premiere Pro for GetWet

This video was all about copyright and what to know about the subject.

Other Portfolio work

As many other designers of course i’ve worked on other projects as well.E-books and e-training and some more video works. These videos were used for personal use. 

These are some of the colorisation effects I made for fun for myself to share with the world.

This video is a music video I edited

This video is one of my own songs

This was a pre made follower alert for my website.

This was a logo reveal for a client

This video was a logo reveal for a client.

This is a Starting soon screen

This is an Intermission screen

This is one of my trailers.

Other works?

If requested I can always explain more on the ways I work in more detail if the client requests it. If you have more questions feel free to send me an email on the below email address.