A little Update from me

Hey Everyone, JustSimy here.  It’s been a while since I posted on here. But I decided I should come back and talk about what I’ve been up to. Over the last few days  I really got into creating more art. Been working on a fanaat of Control this week which was insane as I posted […]


Dutch Naast het werk als grafisch designer doe ik ook hier en daar aan kunst. Ik maak vele soorten designs die geïnspireerd zijn op onder ander games, muziek en meer.  Om een goed voorbeeld te geven staan er nu 2 online. 2 designs waar ik met hard en ziel aan gewerkt heb. Mijn plan is […]

Ander werk voor je portfolio / other work for my portfolio

English When you first jump into the world of design as a person you will walk against many walls. Walls which you may need to break. To break them you need to learn. Learn how to break them. Learn how to create / research and send out the work correctly.. And if you need help […]

New Look, New text, new site, new language

English Two languages now go hand in hand on my website. Dutch ( native speaker ) and English ( B2 / C1 level English ) go hand in hand now to show you the power of my portfolio. The site also got replaced to a new and faster host platform and is quicker than ever. […]