So much creative energy, and then..

I was so excited to start this week with a bang as every other week. And then, I hit the bed. I got hit with a lot of stomach pain I had not seen coming. It made me feel very ill. And even if I still am not feeling great, I still wanted to share a new article. 

Over the past week I’ve been very focused on creating a lot of videos for Pixelversity.  PixelVersity is a platform I’m building to accompany this website. It’s a platform on which I created to teach people like you and me how to create your own graphics as well as website elements and art. Mainly meant for people who wish to learn. It will be a very open platform with loads of space for community building as well as learning.

To get a small taste, here are three videos in which I explain or show how certain things are made. The first two are made directly from my iPad. 

I’ve been thinking about what I can offer these days with the holidays coming up. So I started to design Christmas elements to put on different Christmas graphics or art pieces. This was one of them. A nice little Christmas ball. In the video, I show you how the Christmas ball was made in Adobe Illustrator for iPad.

The starting soon video was more of a showcase as well as a real tutorial video on how to edit and how I made a simple starting soon screen for myself. Often at times when I design them, I create the text in Illustrator or Photoshop and then export it into a PNG to be imported into Premiere Pro to then be edited. It’s one of my favorite things to do. I used Photoshop to create the gradient effect which you cannot do in Premiere Pro.

With these videos I also wanted to show the different styles of videos I will offer on PixelVersity. From simple step by step towards drawings from overviews to quick videos. It’s a wide variety which hopefully is liked by each and everyone of you who will join this journey with me. 

And as seen in the video I also went on  and designed an intro and a branding for PixelVersity which I’m extremely proud of. Next on my list I plan to design the champagne parts of the branding and the e-books. I actually have a new free e-book coming up later this week so keep an eye out for that one. 

Special greetings from the warmth of my bed,


Why Livestreaming is important to show your business in these times 2020

Livestreaming has become more important now during this year of 2020. Since people can’t come to your business due to having to close it down by the rules, such as people in restaurants, or in the entertainment industry. So being visible has become way more important now than before. But how do we become more visible and how do we show ourselves and show our brand the best way possible. Well, one way for that is live streaming. 

Going live as your business shows people what you do these days. Either show your work on what you’re working on Or just talk about your business and what you plan to do now. This sets interesting factors. If for example you own a restaurant and you got a new recipe,  via a live stream you can make people excited to go and buy it, or order it from your restaurant.


But what instead you are a, for example, an entertainer, One way of what you can do is stream., go live and do a live show, make music, dance. Live streaming can be used for anything you like. I personally am a huge fan of watching people on live streams to know about their business. 

Webinair – Livestream designNow does it work for every platform that’s out there? 

Sadly, not every single one. You can use it however on Facebook / Twitch or Youtube. Soon there will be Behance as well. ( I’m currently testing out Behance myself. ) There is a way to do it with Instagram but it’s not very stable. 

Instagram on PC

Instagram has historically always been a mobile-only platform, and that includes limitations on their streaming. As of right now, as near as I can tell, there are only two ways to broadcast to Instagram via a PC. One is to use their official cross-compatible app that only works in Windows 10. The other is to emulate the app using a phone emulator like Bluestacks. Or use OBS with Airserver to stream your Phone to your laptop. 

What do you need:

  • OBS
  • A mic ( headphones with mics work )
  • Headphones ( if you don’t want other sounds )
  • Livetsream overlays ( soon on the website )
  • Streamkey ( The websites you use will give this to you when you go live)

What can be used as extra?

  • Airserver
  • Alerts
  • Emotes ( if you are affiliate on Twitch this can benefit you, Users pay for the use of your emotes )
  • Discord ( if you stream with multiple people, smart for podcasts )
  • A professional Mic 
  • Epidemic Sounds ( copyright free music )
  • Epoc Cam Pro ( iPhone app to simulate a webcam for OBS )

As you can see, you don’t need a lot to get started. . It’s very much up to you. 

I hope this post has been helpful. The product launch will be live soon with plenty of colors and ideas to choose from. But if you prefer to get started now, send me a message and I’ll get to work now.

Ander werk voor je portfolio / other work for my portfolio


When you first jump into the world of design as a person you will walk against many walls. Walls which you may need to break. To break them you need to learn. Learn how to break them. Learn how to create / research and send out the work correctly.. And if you need help with that I’m here for it. Helping is what I’m good at. It’s what I do each and every day.

Here are some of the resources I used when I first get started in my line of work:

When I was stuck on creating characters for a project I would always look at the work of Jazza ( Joshua Brooks ). One of the first videos I watched of his was the following video:

I loved the way he spoke on the video and how it was explained on how he worked that I get inspired to work like that as well.

Another person who inspired me was Gareth David. His course on Graphic design taught me about sketches, design, and just some extra tools while I had just started my journey as a graphic designer. This is not the first video I started with. The first one was about Illustrator. But it is one which I used as a inspiration later on to start my own courses and everything else.