The Broken Destiny

Dit zijn social media banners die ik gedaan en gemaakt heb voor The Broken Destiny series van Carlyle Ze vroeg om een pakkende banner en profiel foto die haar boek zou versterken. Een referentie naar mijn naam is te vinden in haar boek Evanescent en The Broken Destiny.

Marvel’s Runaways Fansite (Website/Social Media)

English: Soon to be added. Nederlands: Drie jaar geleden begonnen met een fansite over de TV serie Marvel’s Runaways en over de tijd vele leuke dingen gemaakt  om de serie te supporter. Ik maakte onder andere screencaptures / videos / instagram en Facebook content. Dit alle om de serie te promoten. Link naar de website: […]

Jutter Speijs

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Dried Up Paint Brush / Opgedroogde verfkwast ( Parody )

English During my study we had to do a lot of research and one of the things I researched was fake news and the effect of fake news on people. It learned me a lot about how it effects hundreds of people on a daily basis because they read an article online via Facebook or […]

Young United Amsterdam

English This project is for the government to create a campaign to promote my own government section. It was a fun project where I set myself one goal which was to go out of my comfort zone and create a campaign made with digital drawings to pre-work for the digital kid’s book which I knew I […]

Timeless Campaign

English Timeless is such an incredible tv show that’s been on the verge of cancellation twice.  Back in December we, the fans received an email from Eric Kripke with one simple plee. #RenewTimeless. This became our slogan, our world, our life from that moment. I started a campaign. I called it the RenewTimeless campaign and […]