Volta ( Musicschool / Muziekschool )

English: As a Desktop publisher I’ve worked for four days at Volta which was a music school that had several companies working under it’s hood. For this company I worked on several different media parts. I’ve made a website/ banners / Facebook banners / social media / posters / flyers all sorts. For may I […]


English Photography is one of the things I do as a hobby as well, see the connection here, I just love doing things that are creative and taking photo’s is one of those methods for that. I make photo’s of all sorts of things. From people, to concerts, to nature, to products, to anything that […]

Dried Up Paint Brush / Opgedroogde verfkwast ( Parody )

English During my study we had to do a lot of research and one of the things I researched was fake news and the effect of fake news on people. It learned me a lot about how it effects hundreds of people on a daily basis because they read an article online via Facebook or […]

Typography / Typografie

English Something I really love to do is typography. When I did my study as a graphic designer we got the choice to decide which route to take  and I choose to do Typography and Visual Design . This one gave me the most freedom to bring out all of my creativity on how to […]

Fan websites

English As mentioned in Digital art and Fanart, I adore watching TV shows and one thing I love more then that is the community that comes together due to these shows. And one of them is the community around my two favourite things. I run two fansites, one for Actress Annie Wersching : www.anniewersching-fans.com and […]


English As well as doing digital art, I love doing fan art. Fan art is kind of the way for me to express my love for the TV shows and games.  I love to watch day in day out on TV. Or play games on my PS4.  I’m a BIG TV series lover and watching […]

Digital Art

English When I’m not creating a brand for others, I design my own things. I do what I love which is making drawings in Adobe Illustrator or Clip Studio Paint or just with Procreate. It’s just something I enjoy doing. Nederlands Wanner ik niet bezig ben met het maken van logo’s of andere dingen voor […]

I Am Who I Am

English The first project of the year where we had to create a trailer which lasted 30 seconds about ourselves. I made the trailer about who I am and what people always say to me that I am and not just the nice words. I was bullied for 18 years of my life because I […]

Young United Amsterdam

English This project is for the government to create a campaign to promote my own government section. It was a fun project where I set myself one goal which was to go out of my comfort zone and create a campaign made with digital drawings to pre-work for the digital kid’s book which I knew I […]