all kinda of logo’s and redesigns. 


JustUsGaming Branding

JustUs Gaming Logo set

These were made to represent the work of JustUsGaming. An org which stands for coming together as one and to be yourself. Self exploring and mental health play a big part in this org.

Exxelo Marketing Branding

Main logo of Exxelo Marketing

Exxelo Marketing isn’t only part of the gaming industry but more an overal company but fits within the parameter of this page as well. The logo is created with several sketches done first on mobile and later created in Illustrator. The logo stands for power and the little wiggle is meant for marketing, just like the little pencil. It’s an equal. Whenever I see it, it speaks to me that this is a company for marketing.

BostonWoodNation Branding

Boston is a very good friend of mine whom asked for a brand new branding for his gaming page on Twitter. I provides him with this simple but yet awesome text logo to represent him more and make him stand out. He spoke of himself as being funny and little weird and with this text logo I tried to provide both.

UncagedGaming [ sadly doesn’t excist anymore ]

This gaming org stood for mental health and breaking the barrier of yourself. Sadly it was killed back in early 2020.


Banners / offline screen for GetWetSports.

Designed with their company in mind that supports all types of players / Gemaakt met hun website en waar GetWetSports voor staat in een banner.


Want your own? Message me at @simymonna on Twitter. Just send me a DM!