Follow my journey along, But i’m not telling you what is behind the cards, it’s up to you to choose which part of my journey you want to discover. Each journey card is work i’ve done over the past few years. Video editing / Posters / Business cards / Drawings / Campaigns/ Fansites/ Fanart, you name it. Working extremely hard every single day. Even more while I was in university not taking time to myself, but just work hard, play hard to get. I want to keep on doing that and write my journey with you. Design / create or stand in front of class or make your brand stand out even more.. I’m my own self, i’m a graduated designer and artist / painter and i’m me.

Timeless Campaign

English Timeless is such an incredible tv show that’s been on the verge of cancellation twice.  Back in December we, the fans received an email from Eric Kripke with one simple plee. #RenewTimeless. This became our slogan, our world, our life from that moment. I started a campaign. I called it the RenewTimeless campaign and … Read more Timeless Campaign

Save The King / Red de Koning ( boek )

English Save the king is a kids book about a girl or boy depending on what is chosen in the beginning of the book.  The story is that the boy or girl meets meets a little angel or fairy that brings the kid to this magical world from his favourite  book to save the king … Read more Save The King / Red de Koning ( boek )

Young United Amsterdam

English This project is for the government to create a campaign to promote my own government section. It was a fun project where I set myself one goal which was to go out of my comfort zone and create a campaign made with digital drawings to pre-work for the digital kid’s book which I knew I … Read more Young United Amsterdam

I Am Who I Am

English The first project of the year where we had to create a trailer which lasted 30 seconds about ourselves. I made the trailer about who I am and what people always say to me that I am and not just the nice words. I was bullied for 18 years of my life because I … Read more I Am Who I Am

Digital Art

English When I’m not creating a brand for others, I design my own things. I do what I love which is making drawings in Adobe Illustrator or Clip Studio Paint or just with Procreate. It’s just something I enjoy doing. Nederlands Wanner ik niet bezig ben met het maken van logo’s of andere dingen voor … Read more Digital Art


English As well as doing digital art, I love doing fan art. Fan art is kind of the way for me to express my love for the TV shows and games.  I love to watch day in day out on TV. Or play games on my PS4.  I’m a BIG TV series lover and watching … Read more Fanart

Fan websites

English As mentioned in Digital art and Fanart, I adore watching TV shows and one thing I love more then that is the community that comes together due to these shows. And one of them is the community around my two favourite things. I run two fansites, one for Actress Annie Wersching : www.anniewersching-fans.com and … Read more Fan websites

Typography / Typografie

English Something I really love to do is typography. When I did my study as a graphic designer we got the choice to decide which route to take  and I choose to do Typography and Visual Design . This one gave me the most freedom to bring out all of my creativity on how to … Read more Typography / Typografie

Dried Up Paint Brush / Opgedroogde verfkwast ( Parody )

English During my study we had to do a lot of research and one of the things I researched was fake news and the effect of fake news on people. It learned me a lot about how it effects hundreds of people on a daily basis because they read an article online via Facebook or … Read more Dried Up Paint Brush / Opgedroogde verfkwast ( Parody )


English Photography is one of the things I do as a hobby as well, see the connection here, I just love doing things that are creative and taking photo’s is one of those methods for that. I make photo’s of all sorts of things. From people, to concerts, to nature, to products, to anything that … Read more Photography

Volta ( Musicschool / Muziekschool )

English: As a Desktop publisher I’ve worked for four days at Volta which was a music school that had several companies working under it’s hood. For this company I worked on several different media parts. I’ve made a website/ banners / Facebook banners / social media / posters / flyers all sorts. For may I … Read more Volta ( Musicschool / Muziekschool )




Jutter Speijs

Logo: Visitekaartje: Social Media post: App: Website: Schetsen:

Michael Malarkey – Fansite / Art / Fotografie

Simpele in half uur tijd gemaakte flyer werd door mijzelf geprint / gesneden en gegeven aan deze acteur om een dag later te worden gesigneerd. De foto’s zelf zijn gedeeltelijk door mij gemaakt.  De foto van Michael is een originele foto en de foto van Chase hadden wij op dat moment niet dus hebben we … Read more Michael Malarkey – Fansite / Art / Fotografie

Magazine Design

Dit is gemaakt om te laten zien wat ik mijn grootste hobby is en wat ik veel heb gedaan in mijn leven. Waar mijn grootste passie ligt naast het werken met media dingen zijn het praten met acteurs.

Marvel’s Runaways Fansite (Website/Social Media)

English: Soon to be added. Nederlands: Drie jaar geleden begonnen met een fansite over de TV serie Marvel’s Runaways en over de tijd vele leuke dingen gemaakt  om de serie te supporter. Ik maakte onder andere screencaptures / videos / instagram en Facebook content. Dit alle om de serie te promoten. Link naar de website: … Read more Marvel’s Runaways Fansite (Website/Social Media)

Photoshop Madness

Verschillende Photoshop werkjes zonder categorie.  

The Broken Destiny

Dit zijn social media banners die ik gedaan en gemaakt heb voor The Broken Destiny series van Carlyle Ze vroeg om een pakkende banner en profiel foto die haar boek zou versterken. Een referentie naar mijn naam is te vinden in haar boek Evanescent en The Broken Destiny.

Illustrator art

Dit zijn werkjes die ik buiten school maakte voor klanten. Little Pop Workshop / een Basisschool  ( Wereldschool ) / Natuur / Legorobot / Zout / Gif over alleen zijn voor de Breitner Academie.  

How to Kunst

How to Kunst was een project binnen de Breitner Academie, gericht op design / kunst en vormgeving. Het maken van een doosje / stans, maken van creatieve kaarten, maken van de poster.

E-Sport / Gaming Branding work

all kinda of logo’s and redesigns.    JustUsGaming Branding These were made to represent the work of JustUsGaming. An org which stands for coming together as one and to be yourself. Self exploring and mental health play a big part in this org. Exxelo Marketing Branding Exxelo Marketing isn’t only part of the gaming industry … Read more E-Sport / Gaming Branding work

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