Why stream this way?

In these times, being online visible is important. As told in my recent blog post which you can read whenever you wish, I pointed out that I was work on a product launch for this. And I have. 



Before I started. The main thing I wanted to do was research. So over the past few months, I watched a lot of live streams from businesses.  From small companies to large companies, from streamers to youtube videos with live stream options. There is a lot, but how do you keep a balance. 


From these examples, I went to design new ideas. I wanted to go back to something very simple yet catchy. And that became these examples. Simple/ easy and available for everyone to try and use. 

The one here on the left is the one I actually use in my own streams.

OBS Settings

This is how my own stream was setup back in the day. Simple, just an image and a logo and more was not needed for this stream to work. Now a days my streams look different. More high end. And this can be yours too

It can be yours now

Want your own? Want it to look professional? Want fully explained how to set this up. I will help you get this fully of the ground and setup for your business.  Send me an email via and I will get you introduced and design your custom design. 

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Create Art, Design graphics.

Creating an experience, creating something personal, creating what you dream of.