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Why not live stream as you business

Streaming in these times it’s hard. Especially when it comes to a stream for a funeral. Having momentum and a rememberable graphic, in this case, can enhance the stream. This will enhance the feeling of a family to those who lost someone, and it may create that moment of feeling together. 

Terms explained

Most frequent questions and answers

What is OBS

OBS is another word for Open Broadcast Software which is a free program you can download for your Mac or Windows. 

Why should you use a Be right Back screen?

A BRB ( be right back ) screen is basically a screen that can be used to tell your stream you need a moment to solve issues / fix problems. It’s a way to let them know your working on it. 

Why should you use a Starting Soon / ending screen?

With a starting soon screen you create the first moment with your viewers. Basically gives the people who come into your stream the moment to sit down and relax.  It gives them the time to relax and grab a drink.  The same goes for ending the stream. it gives you 30/40 seconds to end the stream and has a graphic up that shows all your socials again so that when they don’t know them yet, they can look back at them or search for them.

What do the graphics do for the experience?

The graphics add to the experience as it creates a visual impact on the human brain. We as humans remember things easier if it’s visual and also adds if it’s visually pleasing. 

What are you helping me with?

I will he helping you setup the whole stream from the graphics / overlays to the screens mentioned above all personalized to your branding. This includes logo/ color / images / videos / overlays / camera overlay. 

Are the graphics included?

Yes. The packages include 10 different screens in case you need  or want to do different streams as well but if you prefer it all personalized that’s also an option of course.

Basic Live stream Package

  • E-Book
    Starting Soon / Be right back / Ending video
    Video instruction OBS
    Graphic overlays

Pro Live streaming package

  • E-Book
    Starting Soon / Be right back / Ending video
    Video instruction OBS
    Graphic overlays
    1 on 1 coaching/teaching stream with me
    Logo on graphic overlay

Livestreaming is the new way

Go live

Going live! Use OBS! Not sure how? JustSimy has you covered on that!

Music and mood

The screens can create an extra mood to the service. The music can play on the background while the stream is going on. 

Photo by Joshua Eckstein on Unsplash ( Church photo )
Photo by Stefan Kunze on Unsplash ( 2nd church pic )

What is included?

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Starting soon

The reason for creating a starting soon screen is that a starting soon screen is the start of the stream. It gives you as a streamer a moment to setup the rest and give the people who come in your stream a moment to breath.

Be right Back

If there are any problems in the stream like technical issues you can add a screen in your stream to turn on when this happens. 

Ending screen

Best way to end your stream is to let this screen play. It tells your viewers that it’s the end and let’s them leave in peace.

*The above images are samples of what it could look like. Of course these are images and no video. But they are also available as a video. 

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