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When you think about Twitch you probably most definitely think about gorgeous backgrounds and beautiful overlays. Well you’re in luck. I create these for myself but have also done them for other streamers. Below are some examples of them.

Video work

As a business, going live means showing that you are on and going offline. These terms is what I use when I go live. Starting soon means my the stream is about to start. Be right back is a screen to be away for a short minute of time as you either fix something

Play Video
Play Video

Banner work

How this project came to be.

Inspiration board

One of the main things I want to accomplish with this idea was that everything would be on point when it comes to branding. Having a banner / startscreen / overlay. everything needed to fit/ But another challenge I set for myself was, it should not take too long. How I wanted to accomplish this was not take too much time with the technical things So I began with Dragon research. 

Inspirational sketches

Then the phase came with designing the head and come up with the colors for the art. I knew one thing, I want to do I wanted to keep the colors for the dragon the same as the original logo he had. Dark red, gold / yellow / orange / light red and black. 

Full first sketch

This was the final black and white sketch I did on paper

Sketch colored in

This is the same sketch with colours. The ball behind the Dragon is the moon. In his original logo the dragon held a ball. I felt like the moon would be more telling.

All that was left to do now  was to come up with the plan for the background for the video and for the banner. For that I used Flame Painter. To see a demo of how the app works, you can check this video: 



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The finished overlay banner

And then exported it and that’s how it is working. For the video I only added the  glitch effect I bought from Videolancer. And that’s it. A full on brand work. 

Create Art, Design graphics.

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