Branding – Logo Design

What’s important with logo design is that the design shows and tells what you want to tell with your company or branding. What I personally will always ask you is, what’s it you want it to tell, what do you prefer and then give you several options. Next to this an example of what I created for Exxelo Marketing.

Main logo of Exxelo Marketing

Why is a logo so important for your brand?

  • Emphasises your name
  • Makes you stand out around others
  • Important for your identity and your image,
  • Shows who you are.
  • Gives you a more personal look and makes you recognisable for others..

How was the logo for Exxelo created?

For Exxelo I started with creating several different types of sketches. The sketches were created based on research. I started off with a moodboard. 

These were some of the paper sketches I did for Exxelo. I sketched these at the time and send these off to the clients ( there were two owners ) and they both loved the idea of the pencil and the straight lines for the text.

Next came the digital versions/ For digital I just wanted to figure out, how would the text really look like and how would the pencil work. 

In the end we underlined the text and we also created the pencil. 

This was the final design of the logo. 

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