Branding – Banners

When it comes to designing a banner for your social media account it’s extremely important that the banner shows you. That it shows your new designed logo and shows the world who you are. I create them for you as a separate thing or together with designing your logo and full branding.. It depends on your needs and your ideas..

A few examples of some banners I've made in the past.

How I made the banner for BostonWoodNation.

In my career I’ve created a ton of banners for social media / events and sorts. In this example I’ve created a twitter banner for BostonWoodNation. He had only a few words needed to describe to me what he wanted.

For his Logo I created a letters which are missing parts. The reason why is that he always felt like if I remember correctly that he’s always putting the pieces together. 


One main thing he also wanted was Purple!


So all I did was sketch the lines on paper and turned that into a brush using Adobe Capture. 

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