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How the banner was made.

Banner creations

In my career I’ve created a ton of banners for social media / events and sorts. In this example I’ve created a twitter banner for BostonWoodNation. He had only a few words needed to describe to me what he wanted.

Art Direction

So Boston came to me with the idea that he wanted something, of the edge. Something that has the ability to stand out.

For this, he wanted scratchy lines. So all I did was sketch the lines on paper and turned that into a brush using Adobe Capture. 

No Logo yet

For his Logo I created a letters which are missing parts. The reason why is that he always felt like if I remember correctly that he’s always putting the pieces together. 


Art Direction

In the end the final product was a simple banner and avatar that can be used to express his brand across all of his social media. 

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